The Dreamcatcher

The Dream catcher

By: Loraine Baral


Beads of sweat

Falling from my head

With trembling hands

I released a shaky breathe

Snapping out of it

I thank God

It was just a dream

But I can never get out of that

Horrible realm


Nights pass by

With flashes of light

Horror’s all I can feel

Shouting and screaming is all I can hear

Falling, fire- oh no, not my dear!


Eyes filled with fear


I can never let go

Never turn back

But weapons of casting out

Is placed at the palm of my hands

A prayer and a dream catcher

I placed on my bed before I slept

That was the first time in five years

I have had a good sleep.



The Ultimate Guide for a College Freshmen Studying in Manila.

Elementary/Highschool Students are  Humans, While College Students are bunch of Fish.

 Note: ‘Nakakanosebleed’

Oh the anticipation and anxiousness of the new school year without friends or knowing anyone is killing you!!!

So, here I am try’na being your superhero and answer all your questions.

Well I can totally relate to you but it a worse way. I studied abroad and I need to adjust for college add up the time I move to another course and college the second semester. It’s just hard and excruciatingly tiresome.

So here’s an article is divided into four parts. The first one is dealing about the weather, extra stuff like making friends and having inner fears the second one is about the academics and what to bring.


  1. Weather, Freshmen Fears, Extra Stuff


Whether the weather be nice or whether the weather be not, classes will push through.


It’s school time again what do you expect?

No friends, college pressure and a weather to deal with.

Let’s talk about the weather first so recently on the news they said that there will be less rain fall because an El Nino is about to occur but of course you need to be sure and safe. Being ready and alert is a must. You don’t want going to your school like a poor lost drowned in wet dog, right? So here are the tips and what to bring.

For wet season, Bring:

  1. Umbrella. Buy a durable one if possible even if it’s expensive atleast your only going to buy it once and not every single time it rains. And oh for the love of God! Never forget to bring your umbrella seldom will a cute guy or girl now will allow you to go under there umbrella. Never leave it either because those who don’t have their own might steal it.

Always be aware of it too! I left mine once at CCP at a concert I swear it came from India now it’s lost!  😥 Lucky the person who’ll use that it’s really durable. *cries

  1.  Slippers, flipflops, plastic shoes or if you’re brave enough wear rain boots. You don’t want your expensive leathered shoes to be thrown in the trash bin by the first week of school right? Wear it once you leave the campus
  2.  Jacket. This is an option there will be times it will be cold or your uniform or shirts will be wet so this stuff is safe.
  3. Alcohol and tissue. You might want to remove those black stuff that was stuck on your feet or in your hands or if you’re feeling itchy.



Because there will be some aspiring cockroaches and are wannabee mermaids worst cockroaches you can encounter are the flying ones.

I went to 7-eleven to buy alcohol then the cashier hit me on my shoulder with a newspaper because there was a cockroach on my shoulder.

Imagine the humiliation and the many times I have to dust off invisible stuff on my clothes because of fear.

  1. Plastic. When I say plastic a huge one to put your umbrella that’s wet so it won’t be dripping on the school halls. But in my case plastic is not allowed inside the school so just use it outside instead and place it inside your bag.
  2. Paracetamol. With the horrible weather bring some medicine your head might ache.


This happened to me!  My phones dead and I have money in my bag reserve for the payment of my uniform but I used it instead to pay for a taxi because jeeps are full and few because of the flood. It’s horrible add up the head ache I had.

To walk in the flooded streets or be stranded?

I preferred walking at that time.

It’s GROSS! Tell me about it!

It’s my first time experiencing flood because there’s no such thing in the Middle East and all you can think of is I need to go home! But think about all the urines of rats and garbage Is stepped on at that time.. Nightmare! I’m not trying to be a bitch here but think about those stuff. *fake gag.

Anyway, If your dorm is near  it’s okay you can go Jack Sparrow all you want. But if not, call your parents. See if the school will allow you to be stranded.

As bad as it may sound some people steal the lids of the drainage in the streets of Manila during floods or rainy days because there’s a lot of money on it. Oh their greediness!

If you really want to walk in the flooded streets just pray to not fall into some underground hole.

For the dry season, Bring:

  1. Handkerchief. It’s hot you don’t want wiping your sweat all over you uniform or shirt.
  2. Fan. Who the hell can take the heat? Well no one! Bring a fan I don’t care what color,shape or size it is just bring one.
  3. Perfume/Cologne or Powder. To freshen up yourself of course highly recommended to girls. But you can also use this is any kind of weather.


Freshmen Fears:

  1. Where To Go?

Directions! Directions!  Know where your class will take place. Go to your school on the first day atleast an hour before your class to know which class you’re going.

Explore the school but not on the first day! Better yet explore it the week before so you want have a map hanging around your nose. If you’re really having trouble ask the guards or if you find a student who looks kind enough to help you out.

  1. Never be late on the first day!

In bold and italics if you still didn’t get this I’m gonna pull your eyeballs from your sockets

Some professors are kind but some are just too strict one minute late and skedaddle!

I had a prof and he’s time is from 10-12nn you’re only allowed to be late until 10:15 and at 10:16. Sorry my folks! You just missed a discussion and a graded test!

  1. Terror Professor and Bitchy Classmates

I didn’t have bitchy classmates though. Thank God!

There are two things you need to know:

  1. Don’t screw up with a professor.
  2. Don’t screw up with a classmate.

Just Don’t! pffft!

First impression almost always last for a professor you see. I have this annoying and talkative classmate in my first day first subject in college and I’ve heard about the teacher being a terror but that classmate is just so clueless or I don’t know if he’s acting. He messed up with the teacher the whole class. I swear to God that’s my forever nightmare!

For a classmate, if you’re mister/miss popular, Queen Bee or the most intelligent person in highschool forget that thing! This isn’t highschool anymore. This is the real thing! All of you are back to zero. You don’t want creating enemies out of your new classmates or you’ll be a loner yourself and gain haters.

So always remain humble and kind even if you are mentally killing the person in your head.

  1. How to Make Friends on the First Day?

You can make friends even the month before going to college. The social media is wide ask for the once under your course and section and make friends with them while meeting them online.

But on the first day hangout outside or inside your classroom and make friends with the first person you meet. Ask several questions about them don’t make the conversation awkward by asking weird stuff you don’t want shooing them away,

 Never be late on the first day!

You need atleast an hour to thirty minutes meeting and talking to these people…

Why am I saying this?


You don’t want to eat alone for lunch, right?

Some schools have tables in their cafeteria and students are not allowed to eat in the classroom.

Nothing is sadder than eating with your piece of sandwich and drinking your water. Alone!

Try to make friends also with higher years they can be of great help when you’re having trouble in your major.

  1. Budget


Some will have allowance enough to supply the hungry people of Africa while some will have an allowance really low.

Choose a place where you can eat, that is safe, clean and has a good hygiene and most especially choose an eating place where the food is not expensive. There are small food stalls, ‘karinderia’ or food court near your school where you can afford to eat.

Also don’t forget to eat home-made dishes. You don’t want to eating in the red and yellow bee or in the old red head clown for the next four years of your college life,right?

Plus knowing the nearest and affordable place to eat will help you save money which can help your parents too!



Attend the school events they can help you in your grades and you can meet more people from your school.

Join an organization. I’m sure there are several orgs that are into your liking that can help you in your extracurricular grades. But don’t focus on extracurricular too much focus more on the academics

Know that when you make friends be sure to choose the trust worthy once other will just use you for money.

Partying always is not a sign of being cool. Study first party hard later or after you’ve finish all your requirements and exams.

Some of the friends you’ve had on your first day will not be on the same group on your second month but other people from other groups of your first day might be your friends instead.

Milk Tea!! The keyword to a stressed out college student. Trust me most college student like to have milk tea on stressful days to relax. Try it once in awhile! It’s a secret passion! Ooops!

Always properly wear your uniform some college are strict when it comes to following school uniforms.

For my school skirt day on Monday and Thursday, leather-ed shoes with heels and wedge is not allowed nor flats on both of the said days. You can only wear your flats if your wearing your uniform pants.




  1. Planning

The other day I had a talk with the guidance she told me to use a planner to organize my schedule and the stuff I need to do for school so I’m pretty much excited for the school year. Planner can help you be reminded of the things you need to study, pass, answer or review for a certain event in class.


  1. What to bring?


  1. Ballpen. You may have loved bringing in pencil when you were a child but trust me that’s only needed by music students or fine arts and architect students nowadays. On test a ballpen is a must use blue or black to be safe.
  2. Correction Pen. Most professor don’t like erasures but if you have to on your notes use this.
  3. Highlighter. It’s an option if you want to.
  4. Cattleya Filler/Notebook filled with fillers. The second one might be expensive but you need that anyways. Some professors would like students with color on their notebooks to identify the section of the notebook he/she is checking most especially on lab notes for Bachelor of Science students and also a record notebook if needed for after experiment observations.
  5. YELLOW PAPER IS A MUST! Just like how your grade school quiz paper is important that’s how important is your yellow paper. If you’re the lazy one you ask for your classmates of course but goodluck if the teacher says ‘No giving to those who don’t have yellow papers.’
  6. ID!How could you forget! Some schools who are strict prohibits students who forgot their ID in entering the campus without their ID’s
  7. Index card 1/8 (colored for some white for my college). Professors use it for attendance stuff or grading you in class.
  8. 1×1 photo. Some professors need this for attendance stuff again.
  9. *THE CONVOCATION CARD. This is required for the people studying in my school. This is your life guys! Without this you’ll not be cleared at the end of the year.

I heard you have to complete all the events this time but not sure. I still have to confirm that. I attended one event at school but failed to let it be signed so I cleaned the gym together with the others. Trust me you don’t want doing that! Don’t wait for your late friends let it be signed as soon as possible. Wait before the booth opens so you wont have trouble getting into that looooooong line. *yawns!


  1. Say NO Procrastination!

 Isn’t this what we do before?

Trust me you don’t wanna go back there!


When you were in highschool procrastination was okay but now that you’re in college trust me it’s a no-no.

Learn from the expert.

Who doesn’t want to procrastinate?!


I myself is guilty of charge and look at what it has brought me!? Not so good scores.

My life as a highschool student was spoon feeding style.

But now that I’m in second year, I regret doing that in the first year.

That’s the main reason why the planner is needed!

Do the assignments or projects required for you to submit in the next two months the night right after it was announced your stuff will be piled up and you’ll be cramming on your submission day and end up with a trashy assignment.

 d. Say NO to FA


As much as the subject is boring or you hate it or whatever reason you can think of never try to fail subject through your constant absences.

One professor told us to use our absences wisely.

We can’t just absent a subject just because we don’t like it. What if there will come a time that you only have one more absent day left then you’re FA but you’ve been sick after that for the next three days. Goodbye Grades!

You might want to rethink about cutting classes or being absent again on that day.


Well that’s pretty much it. Those are the stuff I have encountered on my first year experience. You can comment down below on what you think and if you have any questions or if you have violent reactions please use constructive sentence!

P.S. This post might contain wrong grammars if ever sorry!! :)))


Say something bad about my bias and I’ll punch the day lights out of you.


I’m a self-proclaimed fangirl.

But thankfully, I’m not the obsessed one who will cry when I hadn’t download at the first hour of the release of the recent album of my favorite band. I’m still a fangirl but at the minor level.

Hollywood, K-Pop and J- Pop fangirls are all like viruses spreading through every social media. Sometimes they’re funny, other times they’re scary and creepy as hell.. almost reflecting the attitudes of the overly attached girlfriend and in their case– fan.

They even have their own fangirl vocabulary.

like asdfghjk, ship, i cant even… those stuff,

But to be honest weird may they be but they’re the hope of every superstar or singer to thrive in their career.

Imagine a singer or actor without a fan. Well, goodluck on your unsold tickets bro!

Fandoms are created so that each fangirl can be in a community where they can relate to each other.

What I love about fandoms is that they create ships.

Well there are the ships known to a lot of people like for example Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace from TFIOS..

God I remember reading this book last year and bawling my eyes out I finish a tissue roll because of this guys!

I’m so excited the movie will be out next week!


But, behind this straight ships are gay ships.


Tell you what.. Funny that I have a secret passion for these boy on boy actions like that of;

Youtuber’s Troyler ship!


Or 1D’s Larry Stylinson


Or e for die hard fans of Glee or Gleeks like me, Klaine. Ugh! I just  love this two!


And of course the ever sparkling feeling of watching JohnLock from Sherlock fans!


Don’t you just love them?


Because they’re funny and cute together.

Fangirls level up there ships by creating boyxboy fanfics(fanfiction)  on Wattpad or sometimes even shipping their own selves like creating some fanfics about them and their celebrity crush in an alternate universe  or through imagines.

Here’s example of a 5sos imagine posted on Twitter that’ll give you a fangirl neurotic smile.




Where you able to handle it?!

Because I didn’t!

The imagine is just so adorable! Anyway, I chose Luke because he’s the most popular in the group, though my real favorite in the band is Michael Clifford.

Oh my Mikey!!! *attacks him with kisses and hugs


Fandoms are strong community.

Have you met a fangirl?

Well two great qualities they possess are being loyal and strong.

Imagine thousands of fangirls group together that’s how strong a fandom is.

Recently in our country a news from a certain channel reported about One Direction being a Bad Direction. This became trending on Twitter for days now.

The news was about Zayn and Harry smoking pot and the initial reaction of the fans?

Real fans know about the real story. But, think about all the hate comments the channel got. They are even trying to ban the network from broadcasting the news.

Yep! Yep! You don’t mess with the fandoms or they’ll kill the day lights out of you.


Sometimes fangirling can be dangerous, an obsession or an addiction some have their own notifications everytime their favorite celebrity post. Fans mention them in their own tweets but sadly they don’t get a reply. But they don’t stop. It’s like an over powering will that one day even just a click from the favorite button they’ll get notice.

I guess fans like them or should I say us ?  Just got to know how to manage our time so we don’t get stuck up in our computers all day. I’m not stopping anyone to fangirl or like this sex gods because they’re hot!

It’s up to us fans if we really are pursuing for the next level kind of relationship or just remain the secret silent one sided love in our own mini bubble.

No Boyfriend Since, Forever

I’m single and ready to eat a Pringle.


Oh dear, If you are damn curious about this post then maybe you are desperate and feel the same way as I do.

Well give me some love and a high five because we relate to each other!

I’ve never had a boyfriend and what if never will?

I ask myself sometimes if I’m too much ugly.

But nah!

Maybe because I’m too fat..

But screw this! I know some fat people who have a good love life.

Sometimes I don’t know if my future boyfriend is not yet born or is dead or I’ll be an old lady alone by myself when I grow old. There are times I think about entering the convent and wearing the chastity belt because I’m gonna be single forever anyways.

I’ve asked a few people on how they got their boyfriend and they said

Wait for him…

They said he’ll come at the right time.. Well let’s pray to the heavens that I’ll not be doomed and I meet him atleast before the end of the world comes.

Look for him…

Well I’m trying to look but everytime I do it’s seems like all the guys I have the hots for are either gay or taken so screw me because I ain’t going through that shit of becoming a mistress or being a slutty bitch to break the relationship.

Stop looking for him…

Well I did and what has it gotten to? No one.

Still no one came.

So here I am decided to just love myself more than the past times I have loved me.


I’m single and ready to eat a Pringle and watch the boring show of my love life.


If I was in Paris



Sweet, romantic, and a perfect kiss down the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

  I chose Paris as my first blog post because who on earth from among the ladies doesn’t want to go to Paris? Well I think no one! If not London, Paris it is and Paris it will be! Have every one of you thought about going to Paris? Riding the train, walking on the streets and smelling the freshly baked French bread or croissants joined by the aroma of a strongly brewed dark coffee at the café you passed by or taking pictures at the Notre Dame, making a wish at Point Zero and finally meeting or having some romantic time with your special someone down the Eiffel Tower and locking your names through padlocks in Ponts De Arts. Image Oh the joy! Ever since I read Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins I have the eagerness of someday going to Paris and meeting a Etienne St.Clair of my own and do you want to know why? Because I have a thing for guys who are not the same nationality as mine And do you want to know a juicy secret? I dreamt of having my own fling from that place and if it works then he’s the one. One ambitious and wild dream right? But it’s the truth. Well that’s not the point here. My point is why do all the girls want to go to Paris? Well there are three things why. One, Fashion. Image If you’re an aspiring designer, model or a person who has great love for bags and clothes Paris is the place for you to be vain. They sell in a lesser price in there but I’m not sure if it’s original or imitation, anyway… I admit my fashion sense depends on my mood there are days I just look like a trash and need to call a fashion police but in Paris, fashion is passion. Chanel, Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermes, Vuitton and Saint Laurent brands all came from France. Those stuff makes you want to go make a cat walk on the streets and earn a whistle from the hot french boys and hear the words. ‘Who is she?’ and ‘Beautiful!’ Beautiful attraction city to a center of attraction girl. Paris is the place for you!   Second, Bad-Ass-Hot Date. Image Mmmm..This topic make me go lovey dovey. I don’t know but only a rich man can pay for a dinner for two in a yacht surrounded by the city of lights except for those local French guys who are broke of course but none the less most who can afford this kind of expensive dates or proposal at France are just freaking rich. How would you feel if a guy suddenly surprises you to with a ticket to Paris,France at hand for a romantic getaway? If I were you I would feel love and perhaps blessed. Don’t ever let go of that man! I repeat. Don’t let go! Just don’t pfft! I swear he’s the sweetest thing above all the sweet cakes your downtown pastries shop makes. And perhaps at the end of the night it would be finished up with a hot make out session or more than that, If you know what I mean. *Winks knowingly at you.   And the last but the not the least, Selfie at the Eiffel Tower. Image Damn! In the name of cheeseballs almost everything you do you take a selfie! Vain! Vain! Vain! *pokes you on your waist But of course, wouldn’t you like to take a selfie at the Eiffel Tower? Besides saving it as a memory or a wonderful story to tell to your future little mischievous monsters a.k.a kids, 99% of you would like to brag of how you spent your three day trip to Paris. Am I correct? Well, so do I!   So guys, If I was in Paris…. I would say Oh La-La-La-La-La…Love!     -This post are made by the authors own point of view. Respect please.